New Pedal Board Build - Trading a ply board for a Pedaltrain Novo 24

Ok, so you know when there’s something at home or at work that you use regularly, though not every day, and it’s just a bit annoying to use? It does the job but it’s a bit irksome. Maybe it’s a printer that often throws up an error for seemingly no reason at all. Maybe it’s a chair that always has your back a bit sore after a few hours working. Or maybe it’s a pair of pliers that get stuck when you use them and you have to pry them apart before every use. Whatever it is, we’ve all experienced that sort of annoyance; the type of frustration that’s enough to put us in a mood, even on a regular basis, but not so much…that we actually do ANYTHING about it.

Well, I’ve had one of those for a long time now. My old pedalboard was a DIY job. It was based on a fortunate inheritance of an old flightcase (good for protecting valuable things). I cut a piece of wood to fit, painted it and then stapled some velcro to the top. This then served as my pedal board for the following years. It served a purpose, much like that uncomfortable chair or that dodgy pair of pliers. However, it had it’s issues; with nowhere to hide cables it was untidy, the shape was dictated by the flightcase so was never quite right, and most of all it was HEAVY! Transporting this thing to a gig was a workout in itself and my door frame is evidence enough that it was unwieldy at best.

So this year, with a generous gift of money from Rose (my Grandma) I decided to rectify this issue and put an end to the frustration. I bought a Pedaltrain Novo 24, check out how I did:

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